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Zigfrids Anna Meierovics. The Impossible Picture

documentary feature
in production

Zigfrids Anna Meierovics. The Impossible Picture is a historical mockumentary which follows the struggles of a Latvian veteran filmmaker who has decided to finally create his passion project against all odds - a documentary about the first Latvian foreign minister Zigfrids Anna Meierovics. Four directors have struggled to make a film about the important figure, but none have succeeded thus far due to financing and ideological contradictions. It seems as though all previous attempts at the film have been cursed. Will Talivaldis succeed and fulfil his dream?

Director: Talivaldis Margevics
Producers: Ildze Felsberga, Matiss Kaza
Cinematographer: Aleksandrs Grebnevs

Predicted release:
Fall 2018